I was thinking about , easy to use remote control panel for radio.
panel about 10 inch wide and 4 inch high.
it has 10 position click rotary switch with stop, so person can feel which position each digit are, and every time when switch position is changed it announce the new number by either Morse Code or voice.   10 position switch can be used for Memory selection, Mode, and so on.
switch like TONE ON/OFF, VFO/Memory selection are done by toggle switch.
Tone selection can be done with UP/DOWN push button, it announce Tone Frequency either Voice or Morse Code.
also, Volume, Squelch, RIT can be control by this panel, knob has pointing physical shape, so by feeling it, one can tell the position of the knobs.  also, can be used in dark.
many modern Ham radio have computer control interface ( RS-232 ) , so many feature of the radio can be control by panel.  some radio even Volume, Squelch, RF gain, can be control by RS-232 interface.
picture below show idea concept, and picture of example knob with pointed arrow.
I am wondering something like this would be useful for many ? 
do you have any opinion ?