CW-001    straight KEY memory 

PCB  and/or programmed CPU ONLY,  Other parts builder need to buy them from Digikey or other sources.

this device memorized key stroke of straight key or bug key, and replay once or replay continuously.

it has isolated output to key TX ( look at schematics for detail ).

This project is not for beginner. it require soldering skill, and familiarity with PIC microprocessor.



Pictures are example of completed units.

Video demo of CW-001

Schematics -->   CW-001-PCB--2011-05-09-1-schematic.pdf

PCB parts location  -->  CW-001-PCB--2011-05-09-1.pdf

Firmware .7z file -->  cw-001-firmware ( file compiled with Microchip  MPLAB v8.90 with free version of HITECH lite C compiler,  PIC-16 ) , not for MPLAB-X

PARTS LISTS with link to Digikey    (  link for Ordering indivudial parts, enter quantity for each parts manually  )

DRILL to drill plastic BOX  LINK     Plastics 1/4 inch drill  ( Product #: 1106004  )  worked for me,  can use other size.     Plastic Drill drill through plastic case smoothly.

template for drilling holes      if pdf file is printed on 8.5 inch x 11 inch paper, it is actual size.


PCB Gerber and Drill  Files  ( RS274X format )  TOP PCB PANEL     BOTTOM PCB     ( if you like to make own PC Board )

how build units looks like ( pictures in .7z file )


recommended KEY

KENT Engineers Straight KEY  -->  http://www.kent-engineers.com/