Subaru Forester  2014  2.5i  PZEV ( California ) ,  with CVT   FB25 engine.

[ this is just for reference ONLY.  showing what I have done to 2014 Forester.  NOT intended for instruction on how to repair it or maintaining it.  I believe it is missing many details and steps to be used as Instruction.]


Rubber bushing on Brake pad holder became swollen.


May be because, type of lubricant , not for use with type of rubber bushing.

( not good for rubber bushing )



I used silicone based lubricant this time.



Apperantly,  Many people are experiencing same rubber bushing swell problem.


I replaced swollen rubber bushing with Duralast Pin Boot Kit - Part Number: H16060 from Autozone ( both front and rear use same parts ) $2.59 for pair of Right and Left side.



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