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 No QSL card made yet. But gladly accept UR QSL card, except via Bureau.   Hobbies -- Electronics, Ham Radio.   Born circa 1970.  Has been Ham Since 1983.


I work as contract engineer for small companies do not need full time engineer, or companies who need temporary/part time worker.  mostly  RF design below 1000 MHz, PCB layout, firmware programming with C. experience with designing to pass FCC parts 15, 95, 97 devices.  Rate is around $25 / hr.

Detail of Projects I have done.







I used to have 300 watts MFJ tuner, but it arched inside, when try to tune 1.8 MHz , 3.5 MHz band with 100 watts RF power with much shorter than 1/4 wave length wire.

MFJ-962D ( higher power version )  seems to work well with any length of wire at 100 watts RF level in any Band.

I also noticed wire diameter does not have to be very large, I used 22 or 24 AWG.

I think it is important to feed End Fed Wire with Current Balun, and Feed point to be close as possible as Good ground such as water pipe.   

Advantage of End Fed Wire is easy hide.      


CW Straight Key Memory Device


Video Demo of memory straight key CW

Technical Information ( schematic, firmware, others )


Technican Class Exam Question Pool expire 2022 June 30 ,  Questions with only Correct Answers.

Vtech  CS-6309 handset unit re-register to different base unit.

Morse Code Program download ( DOS program. best to run with DOSBOX )   DOSBOX website, install one for Windows -->

Ionogram Data ( Vertical  HF radar of ionosphere )

Radio Mobile ( Free Radio Coverage simulation )


6kHz wide FM ( can be used for HF ? )

Radio Simple Control

Bandwidth Efficiency of ( Morse Code / CW )  and ( Voice / SSB ).


Wildlife Radio Direction Finding

samsung-washer--WF306LAW--XAA   Repair

Good you tube Video on how to correct skidding car on ice.

CB or HF antenna mount using Attachable TOW HOOK came with car.


Suction Mount for Temporary use.  Since, it does NOT have good ground, must be used with Half Wave Antenna. Half Wave design antenna, such as MFJ-1412 does not require good ground plane. 



Value of Broken Radio :

today's electronics including HAM RADIO rig are getting cheaper and cheaper, in many of the radio specially in low priced radios are no longer economically suitable to repair them.  Most of the electronics repair shop charges $50 to over $100 a hour, and just labor cost alone often exceed value of the broken radios. This makes many of broken radio worthless.  Only way to work around is to repair own radio, so cost of labor is free.


Cost of Living in Rural America is much less expensive compare to larger cities.


I have discovered, people in Utah , their culture are quite different from rest of America. 

I will say, their personality are milder compare to rest of America.   Perhaps more similar to Japanese culture in some sense.

so I am very comfortable in Utah society much more so than rest of American society.




Sheep came to front yard,  sheep herder were moving sheep from one field to another.



more sheep








Time on this Picture is correct,  it is 12:34 AM 

lightening lit up entire field.




Another lighting lit field picture  at 2:19 AM








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