Samsung Washer WF306LAW--XAA   model

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Samsung Washer WF306LAW--XAA


while filling with water at initial stage , error code  "7E"  or "E7"  showed up.

it says it is silver care unit PCB error.


Water Guide unit  ( Silver Care unit ) , water was leaking from where connector seal, and corroding wire.



So I solder the wire directly. 



I added some silicone to fix water leaking at connectors.


But, after that, it still show "7E"  "E7"  error code, while washer is filling with water.


so I jumpered , possible output of AG PCB ( silver care PCB ) unit , so Main CPU board do not receive error signal.

( click on picture for larger view )


This short wire of output of Error signal , fixed the E7  7E  error issue for me.


Picture of Jumper wire added to AG ( silver care ) unit



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