[ this is just for reference ONLY.  showing what I have done to 2014 Forester.  NOT intended for instruction on how to repair it or install it.  I believe it is missing many details and steps to be used as Instruction.]


2014 Subaru Forester  2.5i

I used attachable tow hook to mount CB / HF antenna.


Place to attach this Tow Hook are in both front bumper and rear bumper, hiding behind about 1 inch squre plastic cover.


TOW Hook I used came with car, in spare tire compartment in trunk.

it looks like this.



I used blue thread lock to tighten tow hook, so it does not come loose easily.



I used CB style  3/8  24 TPI antenna mount made for Mirror Pipe Mount.

I drilled 2 holes 1/4 inch Dia.  , so bolts go through inside of Tow Hook Ring circle.







Mounting Height at Antenna base from ground is about 23 inch high.





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