[ this is just for reference ONLY.  showing what I have done to my car.  NOT intended for instruction on how to repair it or install it.  I believe it is missing many details and steps to be used as Instruction.]


2014 Subaru Forester  2.5i

I used attachable tow hook to mount CB / HF antenna.


Place to attach this Tow Hook are in both front bumper and rear bumper, hiding behind about 1 inch squre plastic cover.


TOW Hook I used came with car, in spare tire compartment in trunk.

it looks like this.   M16 x 1.5 mm pitch thread



I used blue thread lock to tighten tow hook, so it does not come loose easily.



I used CB style  3/8  24 TPI antenna mount made for Mirror Pipe Mount.

I drilled 2 holes 1/4 inch Dia.  , so bolts go through inside of Tow Hook Ring circle.







Mounting Height at Antenna base from ground is about 23 inch high.





example of using M16 x 1.5 mm  pitch   240 mm long bolt, stead of using supplied removable tow hook ( eye bolt ).

using Pipe mount made for CB radio for semi truck mirror mounting.

I think this bolt method is better than using removable tow hook come with car  ( eye bolt )


because female thread is made for towing  weight of car, mounting is strong, and not much noise due to good grounding of antenna to car body.


picture of bolt


2 of  M16 x 1.5 mm pitch NUTs

by using 2 nuts, it can be tightened together well, and I used red color threadlock to glue them to bolt.


just like tow hook came with car RED circled below where diameter become bigger, I  rounded edge of nut to mate well with hole of removable tow hook on car side.

matches  Distance of A in green , makes good match to tow hook connection.


I bought this bolt from

M16 x 1.5 mm pitch bolt Ebay link

description of bolt on ebay



 removable tow hook cover on rear of car, in RED circle below

if it is normal car with trunk, no opening hatch door to back like SUV, I may able to put large antenna in same way as front.







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